Join us for the opening of SLOW FIXTURES!
February 1st, 2019
EXTRA Projects at basic studios

Kat Gu and Jo Geczy share an impulse to keep quiet the personal narratives that run beneath each of their work. The works they have presented here, are an attempt at changing or redistributing the valence of these narratives, that are starting points for their respective making. Can the private and personal be diffused in a space? In objects? Can it be registered as an ambience? In questioning how a space might function like memory, editing and maintaining as it evolves, the artists consider how the gallery space collides with these remembered narratives, and how the disorientation of/from one might engender a shift in the other. Attending to visual presentations of the incomplete, permeable, in-and-out of focus, the artists elaborate a dense installation which shifts intermittently, keeping the space unfixed.